The reduction in municipal fire cover and the understandable reluctance to put staff in harm’s way leads to the need for automatic & manual fixed systems. We design, supply, install, commission & maintain.

  • Design standards: EN 13565-2; NFPA 11; NFPA 850; NFPA 16; IP19. These standards and individual company standards are your guarantee of a correctly designed & installed system. They cover most of the applications found in handling flammable liquids & other high hazard applications. Hawkes Fire work with these standards day in day out to give your peace of mind.
  • Water supplies: water tanks & pumpsets are the first step. Cylindrical & rectangular water tanks & pumps to LPC & NFPA.
  • Foam proportioning: from water turbine driven gear pump to bladder tanks & inductors, Hawkes Fire offer the best method for your site. Units supplied either skid mounted or containerised.
  • Foam discharge devices: tank pourers, bund pourers, aspirating deluge, monitors, Hi Ex generators.
  • Foam concentrate selection: Angus Fire’s unsurpassed range of environmentally responsible foams: FP, AFFF, FFFP, ATF with fluorine free options where appropriate.
  • Detection & alarm: whether it’s linking into your site system or assessing for an alternative, we can provide all the options.
  • Service & Maintenance: our planned & emergency service covers the UK & beyond.
  • Temporarily out of service? Check on the availability of our hire fleet covering static & portable pumps, fire appliances & portable equipment.